The 13 Masters of Evil

The Fourteenth Session

The Party Leaves Brokenhill Under Persuit, and Fights some Ogres

19th Darkening Shadow through 26th Darkening Shadow

Maetheus finds he is being pursued by someone from his past

The party hides, but is unable to evade the pursuer, and must flee the city in the middle of the night, 8 hours earlier than intended.

The party arrives at the first mountain range separating Brokenhill from the Spitfire lands, and enters a cavernous pass through the mountains.

The party hides like scared rabbits in a side passage of the passage to wait out the Day of the Shadow, and avoids something large and noisy that may have been after them.

The party arrives at a mechanical bridge over an underground chasm, and attempts to pass. The bridge is now controlled by three Ogres though, and they end up fighting their way through.



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