The 13 Masters of Evil

The Thirteenth Session

New Friends, Old Friends, and a Broken Hill

28th Renewing Spring through 19th Darkening Shadow

The party talks with Lady Arerein after the battle in the Dreamscape is finished, and then wake up. They sleep the rest of the night peacefully. At breakfast, they meet Valkournad (Wilden Shaman) and Napenthe (Eladrin Warden), who are also headed for Brokenhill.

The now-larger party departs for Brokenhill. After 3 days of uneventful travel, they find a cave and wait out the Day of the Shadow(4th Darkening Shadow). The next day, they discover a patch of Shadowscarred land. While investigating it, they come across a deformed, wolf-like aberration. They manage to kill the aberration, but Napenthe and Quellan are bitten during the fight.

The shadow-wolf’s bites cause Napenthe and Quellan to get infected with some sort of disease. The party continues to travel, with Valkournad caring for the sick. After a few days under his care, they recover with no ill effects.

The rest of the journey passes uneventfully, and the party arrives in Brokenhill in the evening of 20th Darkening Shadow. After getting an inn for the night, the party members go their separate ways the next morning. Teleria visits the telormar of Master Alvar Battlebeard to make her greetings and catch up on guild news. There she was told that the party’s former companion, Tosk, had left a message for her. He had been in town for about 3 weeks after trailing some members of the Dark Son cult, and had news for the party.

After dinner, the party went to the Brown Dragon Inn to meet with Tosk. He told them how he had followed a small group of cultists to Brokenhill, and after spying on them was able to infiltrate their group. He had gathered intelligence on the activities of the group in the Spitfire Lands and had even been able to turn a member of the cult, a human named Aragog, away from their evil ways.



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