The 13 Masters of Evil

A small inn in the middle of nowhere

In a small inn in the middle of nowhere, this place of little significance was suddenly thrust into a series of event that no one could have ever expected. Only hours before an elven high priest of Eliathandriel was to secretly place a scroll in the belongings of a traveler he barley knew.

These travelers came into town just days before but they brought with them information that this priest had been waiting to hear all of his life. All his long years, spent studying, spent learning all there are to learn and he finds out that his answers weren’t trapped inside of a book but rather trapped within the minds of some rugged outsiders that didn’t even know, or care, about his concerns.

These outsiders took the time to be nice to him, let the priest talk with them so he could learn all there was to know but sadly, most of this was already taken care off within a scroll sent to him by Bukapana the leader of the Banner of Life. Bukapana was his cousin, at least in name, even though he was human and many years his elder. It had been a few years since Vor Caspices had last laid eyes upon his cousin and for that he had felt shame but his duties at the temple and the long distance between them certainly added to the time length.

Within this scroll was information about these travelers and the important cause they are involved with. After reading the scroll and wondering what kind of joke his cousin was playing on him, a sudden realization set in when he heard the adventure these dusty, dirty travelers had come to pass. Darkones, demons, towns destroyed, piece of some ancient spear that was used in the First Great War. All were storied, fables and good tales to tell your grandson about. That was until they showed him the ancient relic of the gods, something that once was wielded by a demon of great power and used to destroy many souls.

Sure this metal shaft could have been made just yesterday from any metalsmith in the realms but when Vor looked up this broken relic he realized that these travelers spoke the true. Bukapana words in the scroll were true and he believed Bukapana was correct in his assumptions of what needs to be done. Vor would certainly honor his cousin’s written request even though he knew what that outcome would be.

Events had played out in the last few day so that outcome would finally come within this dusty, dirty inn that was known for nothing important. Vor light a candle on the wooden table and pulled out his holy symbol which he sat next to it. He drew out his ceremonial dagger and the few magic scrolls that he posses which he piled upon a chair on the other side of the table. He wanted to be unarmed when they arrived, there was no need for a struggle and for any other unneeded bloodshed. The table he choose was by the northern side of the inn, by a window so as to see the morning sun when is arose over the top of the distant mountains. He so wanted to see the sunrise one last time and wished these hours of darkness would pass by quickly.

He wondered if the travelers had found that scroll he slipped into their backpacks and if they would come back and stop the events that would befall him. Certainly not he thought, he made it clear to run away and get as far away from this place as they could. He was hopeful that they would be miles away by now and more concerned about their own safety then trying to look for a hidden object. It was planned that way and there certainly wasn’t any reason to believe it wouldn’t end up that way. And so he waited in silence, hoping for the darkness to dissipate into morning light.

“One of the guards walked by and saw you in here, I had to come see for myself because I would have thought you’d be half way to Northpoint by now” a voice said as it entered into the inn from the front doors. It was Meniken Voraspin, as Vor knew it would be. Meniken the speaker and leader of this place on Naramos was a tall human with a deep voice, which probably was the reason why he was the speaker for this place. He would certainly be the one to confront Vor and make the final decision.

Meniken strode in quietly and walked to the window by where Vor had seated himself, he looked out into the blackness, flanked by two heavily armed banguards from Morningstar. “They say we might be having a storm in a day or two, could be a bad one coming.”

“Sure feels like winter still” Vor replied.

“What were you thinking; you’re a high priest for god sakes. People look up to you for guidance, people listen to not only your words but your actions.” Meniken paused and turned so as to look up the priest’s face.

“I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about” was Vor quick reply.

“You were seen by several priests leaving.” “Several..” he yelled. “They all knew it was you, you didn’t even bother to use a disguise.” He pulled up a chair and sat facing Vor. “You broke into the chamber to seal it secretes even though we voted not to have that done. You knew the vote but you still did it.”

“It must have been a demon who changed to look like me, or maybe a changling, or someone using a disguise” Vor stated hoping his answer might not have a reply. Meniken smiled knowing this answer was coming but hoping against hope not to hear it. “Brother you know as well as I that if this creature was using evil purposes to enter this sacred place they would be struck down and killed immediately. Only the holy and honor bound can survive entering this chamber.” Meniken shook his head slowly back and forth. “Holy and honor bound” he yelled as he slammed his fist down upon the table knocking the candle over.

Vor smiled, he knew his answers wouldn’t supply the doubt that Meniken was seeking. “It had to be done.”

“That is not your decision to make, there are strict rules to prevent this from happening.” Meniken answered. “We voted, each had a say, you, I, everyone. If the time had come then we would have voted for it, but we didn’t, damb you, we didn’t.” Vor knew that Meniken wasn’t angry at him but angry that Vor put him into this situation, a situation Meniken nor anyone would want to be in.

“They were warned about this, they even admitted to it, they knew that more harm could come then good” Meniken stated. “Yet they choose to pass this information on, they choose it, not you.”

“I was warned as well.”

“And yet they choose, and then you choose to ignore these warnings. Could you not have learned from their mistake?”

Vor sat quietly as he straightened the candle back into its small metal holder. “Because it needed to be done, if not I then who?” Vor finally stated. He put his hands into Meniken hands. “I have made my piece with this decision, do you not sense the calmness within me, my hands they do not tremble, they do not shake, they only do so I command them to.”

“You know what must be done then, you know what the consequences for are your actions are?” Meniken questioned.

As the first rays of morning light lit upon Vor’s face he replied “That is why I am hear and not running away like a coward. Do what must be done.” Vor suddenly stood up and gazed out through the window. His quick movement made the guards jump at first but they realized there was little threat from this priest. He squinted as the soft rays of light warmed his flesh. He peered out straining his eyes to see what magically moment the sky would next allow him to see.

“You know that this information must end with you. I am hoping that you were wise enough to keep it secrete.” Meniken asked.

“Yes indeed I do hope my decision was wise” Vor replied. “Morning is certainly my favorite time, the start of a new day, the closing of an old one.” The dirt covered windows certainly didn’t give the best view but the way the light reflected off the dust made it sparkle. He was glad to be there, it was a moment in time that could not be taken back. A moment in time that he was sure Eliathandriel made just for him, at this moment, in this quite little inn, in the middle of nowhere, where nothing important ever happened….

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