10 Truths

The 10 Truths are what makes Naramos an exciting and adventurous world and these things are what separate this world from many other Dungeon and Dragon worlds. ALMOST anything and everything found in the 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons game will be found in Naramos, but what seperated this world from many other is what are called the 10 truths. There are the things, places, events, or additions to the game that make Naramos a wonderous and challenging place to adventure.

The 10 Truths:

1). One of the things that separates the world of Naramos from many other worlds is its history, or rather its lack of history. A history that noone speaks of and a past that even less can remember. A whole world history that has been forgotten and abandoned for the solitude of peace. The history of the past, the events that took place, and the kingdoms that have come and gone, all have become lost through time. Things of the past must be relearned by what few resouces are available.

(Game Mechanics) Because of this fact, characters can not be trained in history. They are allowed to gain bonuses to their history knowledge through feats, backgrounds, powers, magical items, ect.. by no character can be trained in History.

2). Lifeblood is what the races of men call the liquid that seeps up through cracks in the ground that holds great power within. Lifeblood is a dark-green liquid which has the consistency of molten lava, it breaks through the surface of the ground in different locations and flows based upon the terrain it occupies. It wasn’t long before the races of men realized that this lifeblood had special essence properties that they could used as a source of magic. While they experimented with this strange liguid they realized that some of the lifeblood location had special abilities hidden deep within it. Lifeblood in some locations were enhanced with invisibility, while others had healing properties, still others were able to cure disease or remove the effects of poison, some even allowed its users to teleport short distances. They quickly realized that each lifeblood location was its own enity which could supply a special purpose as well. They also realized that lifeblood was almost like a living creature, if any lifeblood is removed from its source it quickly loses its power and dies. But the races of men had quickly adapted to this fact and use the lifeblood to power its needs. Great city walls with lifeblood running through them are magically enhanced to protect its citizens, armories that have lifeblood within their boundaries add enhancement bonuses to their weapons, and rituals cast by using the power within the lifeblood are superior. For these and many other reasons the lifeblood of a kingdom will be guarded and protected to the last man.

(Game Mechanics) Lifeblood is broken up into five different levels based upon its power with level 1 being the least powerful and level 5 being the most powerful. If a weapon is dipped into lifeblood it will gain a bonus to damage equal to the level of the lifeblood for up to 24 hours. If armor is soaked within the source of a lifeblood the wearer gains a resistance to damage equal to the level of the lifeblood for up to 24 hours. Every 24 hours that passes, anything that is enhanced by the lifeblood loses one power level until it becomes inert and provides no bonuses. Any liquid taken from its source will also lose one power level for each 24 hours that pass by. Lifeblood can be used as a component to power rituals that need a cost paid. Any ritual that is cast by using the power of lifeblood adds a bonus to the roll equal to the power level of the lifeblood. Some locations of lifeblood can be enhanced with special properties or have a special essence that could provide a bonus of some sorts.

3). Bloodmoon – When the conditions are right Lyis, Naramos’s only true moon, becomes bright red from the reflection of Somaran unto its normally white surface. This event is known as Bloodmoon and it happens every seven nights. Lyis has several different positions in the sky with Bloodmoon happening when it has arrives at its very lowest position in the sky. On day one and day six of its journey Lyis is at lowmoon, on day two and day five Lyis is at midmoon, and on days three and four Lyis is at highmoon. The races of men have used the cycle of Lyis to understand the arrival of the shadowscared areas upon Naramos. The shadowscared areas are only created upon Naramos during a Bloodmoon night and only during the night hours when Lyis is its darkest shade of red.

(Game mechanic) If you happen to be in an area that becomes shadowscared it will happened during a Bloodmoon night. All new shadowscared areas will appear during a Bloodmoon night which could have dramatic effects upon what happens to the players, the campaign, and the world of Naramos. (see below for shadowscared rules) In addition all werecreatures and lycanthropes take their primal forms during the hours of a Bloodmoon and are resistant to the penalties caused by silver weapons. Since this effect is forced upon them they lose a surge during the transformation process. Lycanthropes and all creatures that use the moon cycle gain a +2 bonus to all defenses during a Bloodmoon night.

4). It is thought that a person that have been Godtouched is a person who happens to be a direct decedents of one of the good gods. Many of the gods were just normal mortals, living on Naramos before the time of “The Choosing”. Then Thorax and Jusipher came upon this world to chose some of their sons and daughters to become gods. Unknown to them when they bestowed this godly power into their selected individuals this power somehow got transferred into their bloodline as well. Their wives or husbands, sons and daughters, were somehow granted a small piece of this divine essence as well. And from these lucky few it was transferred down from generation to generation, passed on like part of their heritage. Most have lived and died without even knowing what they possessed inside, although some individuals ended up having some kind of special quirk that shows their power. Some have been found to speak a language that hasn’t been spoken in hundreds of years, while others might have some special healing powers. Others have been known to have visions of events to come or be able to see what happened many years ago. Although blessed by this special power sometimes these individuals endure greater hardship then most. Sometimes when the power manifests itself in strange ways they are feared enough to be hunted down like a wolf and must live in isolation for fear of reprisals.

(Game Mechanic) Of all of the 10 truths this one is subject to the most interpretation between DM and player. Players that want to take the godtouched power must come up with a good bonus for their character as well as a good penalty. Players must keep in mind that the godtouched power should live within the boundaries of the game mechanics and is not used to power something outside of game procedures. It should be fair and totally outlined with the bonus and penalty being almost equal in power. Once the player and DM agree with players outline of his godtouched power the players will take the godtouched power as a feat at 1st level (the DM will assign them a feat to take). The godtouched power allows players to create an almost infinite amount of character and possibilities but it should be restricted to not allow anything that would make the game un-fun for the other players. A possible godtouched outline might be; the player character can critical hit with a fire power on a rolled 19 or 20 because he is touched by Xonic (the flame keeper) but his hands are constantly aflame which means he can not hold any item that would burn (wooden weapons, sacks, rope, ect).

5). Hellsent is a term used by the races of men when referring to The 13 Masters of Evil and the great and powerful demons that were sent to Naramos to destroy it. These Hellsent were the most powerful of all demons and lead massive armies of Darkones and other evil creatures in a great war that raged across all of Naramos. During this war many kingdoms were completely destroyed and many more were on the verge of total collapse. Hellsent creatures were hand picked and chosen by each of the evil gods and were the most evil, bile, murderous, and deceitful of their race.

(Game Mechanic) There is no game mechanic for the players although the Hellsent will be a much more powerful demon then normally found within the 4th edition rules and enhanced with special powers.

6). Day of the Shadow – Every third cycle of the moon (or every 21 days) an event happens that has profound consequences upon the lands of Naramos. The world of Somaran travels across the daytime sky in a direct line between the sun and Naramos causing the whole mortal world to be cast in a darkened shroud of blackness from the shadow it casts. The day of the shadow last from early morning until late evening allowing only a brief period of light, if any, to befall upon the world. Evil eagerly awaits this day which allows them to crawl out of their deepest darkness to roam across the lands without hindrance, causing the lands to become tainted with the aura of death. The races of men have learned not to travel during this day and most lock and bar themselves within the safety of a walled structure. Only the foolish and unwise tempt fate. It is also thought by the wisest of sages upon Naramos that this is the day that allows demons and devils to travel between their realm and the mortal realm with immunity. They think that somehow the shadowfell’s presence of blocking out the suns light allows a darkness on the world to become a beacon, a lot like the presence of a lighthouse but the process works in reverse.

(Game mechanic) During the Day of the Shadow all creatures with an evil alignment are trained in athletics, stealth, and perception. If they are already trained in one of those skills they gain an extra +5 bonus to its checks. They can not be intimidated into surrendering and will fight to the death. In addition any creature with the demon or devil keyword loses any of its vulnerabilities and gains a special encounter power that allows it to teleport upto twice its speed without a chance of failure.

7). Shadowscared is an area of Naramos that has been altered by the shadowfell. These shadowscared areas are presumed to be caused by a rift or tear in the great planes which has caused the shadowfell and Naramos to become intertwined in time and space. This theory has been supported by the recent arrival of the shadowfell world called Somaran which now encircles Naramos like a moon (see below). One night Somaran arrived to blocked out the stars of the night sky and since that day Naramos has experienced a plague of shadowscared areas. Some of these areas are as small as the size of a room at an inn while others the size of a large city block. These areas suddenly and mysteriously appear out of nowhere to change and alter the location into that of the shadowfell. When this event happens everything and everyone in that area instantly disappears and is replaced by a dark, crusty, smelly, void of blackness which is presumed to be that of the shadowfell itself.

(Game Mechanic) A Shadowscared area will be dark and a light source will give off 1/2 of its normal illumination even magical light sources. Attacks with the shadow, necrotic, or undead keyword receive a +1 bonus to their attack rolls and +1 to damage. Living creatures lose one healing surge upon entering a shadowscared area unless they are from the Shadowfell.

8). The arrival of Somaran, the world of Naramos in the shadowfell. This world circles Naramos like that of a moon but unlike the moon it can’t be seen at night because this world is formed by the blackness of the shadow. Infact Naramos’s only moon Lyis, sometimes becomes blocked out by the massive black orb as the two spheres perform a dueling dance overhead for control of the sky. Most everyone upon Naramos took this event as some kind of sign but for most this is a signal that something dreadful is to come. Of all of the days and night that have cycled through on Naramos, the night of Somaran’s arrival stands above all others and this event is now known more commonly known as- the night we looked into the mirror.

(Game Mechanic) There is no game mechanic for the player although this event will alter how play proceed upon the world of Naramos.

9. The use of teleportation as a mode of travel has become unstable, presumably caused by the same tear in the fabric of the planes that caused Somaran to arrive. Teleportation relies on being able to manage the magic involved within the planes to direct you to the correct location, having this rift within the planes has caused this magic to distort. Even short range shadowjaunts or feysteps are sometimes sent off course as the essence held within the folds of teleportation become unraveled. Long distance travel can sometimes send the users hundreds of miles off course, from time to time with tragic results. Planar travel has become extremely dangerous and is now left for only the fool-hearty and unwise. Intercity traveling through teleportation portals is now done only when necessary and comes with extreme risk. The distance one travels to arrive at their destination determines how great a chance one takes in using teleportation. Although many teleportation attempts are successful and without problems they are becoming rarer and rarer, especially those that travel over great distances or to other planes.

(Game Mechanic) Any kind of teleportation, even shadowjaunts and feysteps will result in a die roll. Based upon the distance traveled a base failure chance will result and a rolled failure will result with the teleportation being sent off course 1/2 the distance of the travel. For example: if you try to teleport 10 squares and fail a teleportation roll you will be sent 1/2 the distance (5 in this case) in a random direction from the target location. Failure chance:
1 square upto 1 mile = 5%
1 mile upto 10 miles = 10%
10 miles upto 100 miles = 15%
100 miles upto 1000 miles = 20%
From one plane to a different plane = 25%

10. The Wanderers is the term used to describe a soul that has become lost. When a creature dies its soul must travel the planes and arrive into the heavens where the gods then allow their entry into its domain. Unfortunately this process has been altered by the rift or tear in the planes. A departed soul now travels into the planes and sometime becomes lost during its journey. These lost souls are called wanderers and are the helpless remains of the dead who have become lost in the planes. Not only are these souls lost but they are being searched for by two gods. Velamir the god of the undead, and Vistolic the soulkeeper are constantly searching for wanderers throughout the planes, hoping to find these souls before the other. If Velamir finds a soul he changes it into an undead creature and sends that soul back to the mortal plane. Once this soul has been captured by Velamir a hideous and vile creature is made from it, something that can bring more terror and destruction to the mortal world of Naramos. If Vistolic is able to find the soul before Velamir then he ushers it towards the proper plane where it can find a proper home.

(Game Mechanics) Because of Wanderers the world of Naramos has an ever growing population of undead within its realm and the more things die the more numerous the undead become. It’s a deadly cycle that becomes worse with the passing years. Also because of Wanderers when a player character dies several different things could happen. The soul could find its way into the heavens without any problems or the soul could become a wanderer (depending on if the player wants to take the chance or not). If the soul becomes a wanderer there is a chance of several things happening. Roll a 1d20 die:
1-3 The soul comes back intact (play same character)
4-6 The soul comes back to a friendly body (create a new or similar character)
7-9 The soul comes back as a Revenant (use same character but change race to Revenant)
10-12 The soul finds its way into the heavens
13-15 The soul stays lost for many years
16-20 The soul if found by Velamir and comes back to Naramos as an evil undead creature.

10 Truths

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