A New Beginning For The End

Welcome to the newest campaign of The 13 Masters of Evil called “A New Beginning For The End”.

This will be a 4th edition Dungeon and Dragons game using all of the printed books from Wizards of the Coast. This grand campaign will take players from just ordinary individuals up to and including godhood. Player characters are heroes, grand and majestic in every way. They will be constantly tested by the forces of evil, their resolve will be mentally challenged, they will be tempted to quit, they will be cursed, they will be tormented, and they will see no light at the end of the tunnel. Only the strong of mind and pure of spirit shall overcome the fear that is needed to continue the quest. They will need to forgo all of their needs, they must turn their back towards everything they desire, and they must look deep into their souls for their only salvation. They must give up everything just to have a slight chance to vanquish evil and restore the balance on Naramos. And in the end, after all they have been through, after everything each of them has sacrificed, after everything they had to give up, in the very end only one can claim the ultimate prize.

The step of a thousand journeys is about to unfold before their eyes but each step will come at a great cost…

The courageous warriors have started to answer the call for this grand campaign…

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A New Beginning For The End

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