Darkones is the term used by the races of men to describe the evil humanoid races that infest Naramos and take direction from the evil gods. These Darkone races include:

Wolfens, A brand new race that has suddenly been spotted across Naramos. These evil creatures look like a cross between a gnoll and a demon and are large sized. They possess large teeth and claws and are capable of weilding weapons with great profenciency. Because Wolfens have just suddenly appreared out of nowhere not much is known about them, infact this might be the very first time they have every walked upon the world to fight the races of men.








Each of these humanoid races has evolved so much throughout the lands that they can be found in all corners of the world. They are an ever present danger to the races of men but normally they are not organized enough to be considered a serious threat.

The races of men know of at least 10 different major evil Darkone tribes throughout the lands of Naramos:

Jagged Moon

Bleeding Spear

Wicked Tongue

Death Skull

Cracked Eye

Flaming Fang

Hollow Spear


Whispering Death

Slit Skulls

While each of these different tribes might be dominated by one, or several, of the darkone races, there probably include all of the different darkone races within the tribe.


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