Duntroon – One of the greatest, biggest, and most powerful of all human cities. Population 300,000+

55% human, 10% Dwarf, 5% Elf, 5% Half-Elf, 5% Gnome, 5% Halfling, 10% other

Exports – Ore, metal weapons, metal armor, minerals, food, livestock

Military -5000 Banguard Trained warriors, 500 Alliance Wizards, 500 Priests, 200 Rangers

Military Symbol –Griffon holding some spears in his claws. King –Theridon Berigosh, human male.

Duntroon –sometimes called by is nickname “Three Rings” for the 3 great walls that surround the city. The most inner wall protects the political district and those that belong to “The Kingdom”. Most people of great wealth or anyone of importance resides in this very well protected inner ring. The middle wall surrounds most of the business and middle class citizens while the outerwall surrounds the outline areas which houses the farmers and people with low skills. This great wall took many years to rebuild and much of The Kingdoms money was spend building the wall that became known as “The Wall of Brothers”.

Being the closest and biggest human city to the evil lands means the city was build for protection and through the years this extra protection proved vital. Although this city was completely destroyed by the forces of evil during the First Great War it somehow managed to stay in the races of men hand’s. After the war most of the city needed to be rebuilt and so most buildings are newer in architecture and style being made mostly of strong stone. There is only one entrance into and out of Duntroon which faces to the north, away from the evil lands and anyone caught trying to enter by other means is usually meant with arrow fire by the city guards, who shoot first and ask questions later.

Law and order is controlled throughout The Kingdom by the Banguards who act as guards, protectors, and security for everyone within its borders. Of all of Naramos, Duntroon can muster the largest army because all new Banguard recruits spend their first year of service in Duntroon before they are able to transfer to other cities. Each of the Kingdom cities uses a different symbol as their hearld with Duntroon being a Griffon holding some spears in its claws.

Duntroon is known for its specialized military training for rangers and scouts and the skills they use. Tracking, scoutings, forging, are all important to the races of men’s survival and Duntroon trains some of the most famous scouts and rangers throughout Naramos. The “Hidden Jackal” as they are most commonly known are assigned special duties by the Kingdom and are sometimes lent to other cities for special services known only to the military leadership.

Outposts –Duntroon also supports the 5 outposts scattered around the open lands that are adjacent to Duntroon. These outposts are used to help travelers in time of need, help spot problems, and give Duntroon a quick military response in an outer region when needed. Although these outpost are heavily guarded they are the least liked position of any army personal because they lack the excitement of the big city.


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