God Legend

God Legend While sitting around a campfire old men would tell this story to their youngsters. Althought most of this has been unchanged through the years just how much of this is fact and how much of this has been enhanced by the storytellers is up for debate. Most of this happened even before the written language of men had been developed and only though ancient books can any of this been pieced together.

The Legend of the Gods….

In the beginning of time there was just Thorax and Jusipher and their love. They are the father and mother of everything and everything that has come to pass is because of them. For centuries these two gods loved and cherished one another more then anyone has ever loved since. But this tale isn’t about love it’s about betrayal and how evil was formed and now encircles everything around us. The gods spent years holding and touching one another, renewing their faith and love with every moment that went by. Neither wanted nor needed anything else but the affection from the other. Love was all that was known and peace and harmony reigned supreme over everything. When you’re a god, time has no meaning. With an ever lasting life and power beyond reason you worry about nothing, but when you have no worries then nothing matter to you as well. When time means nothing when you a god then days and years can seam like minutes and seconds or they could seam like centuries. And time when on for these two gods like it always had. Thorax and Jusipher spend the better part of time this way, without worries, without anything other then each other. But somewhere in the course of time Jusipher decided that she finally needed more, something to show their love and to let it grow. Thorax fought this idea for along time knowing that once you create something it is hard to take it back, but Jusipher insisted. After much debating an arguing between the two it was decided to create a place, a place where they could see their love and the world of Naramos was born.

This place they created together was the most beautiful and wondrous place anywhere. It has massive forests with waterfalls, towering mountains where they could stand upon to see all of its beauty. It had flowing fields of flowers and rolling hills with streams and everywhere they went they created something wondrous to announce they love. When Naramos was finished it was the perfect creation from the perfect love.

Naramos stayed this way for many centuries until Thorax and Jusipher decided to create some children to live there so their love could expand and grow. Thorax and Jusipher wanted their children to be all different and each of them to be special. In the blink of an eye the races of men were formed; humans, elves, gnomes, halflings, and dwarves were created. Thorax and Jusipher were happy once again as they watched their children grow in numbers and expand throughout the lands.

Thorax and Jusipher enjoyed watching their children grow with the passing years and as their children grew so did their power. But then suddenly something happened that cause Thorax and Jusipher to cry out in pain –one of their human children died. It is said that when the first of their children died this caused Jusipher to cry a thousand tears and create the great lake in Naramos called The Lake of Tears. Thorax and Jusipher now understood that when they created their children they did not have enough power to make them gods and all of their children would be mortal and with mortal sons and daughter the two gods became more mortal was well.

Thorax and Jusipher still had the mastery over time and could live forever but now they had a fear that somehow harm could come to them and they could die just as their children would also die. Thorax and Jusipher thought about what to do as they watched in horror as one after another their children died. Years of this went by with great pain and suffering on the gods until they figured out what they had to do to easy their suffering. Thorax and Jusipher would make some of their children gods as well and give them mastery over time just like they had.

And so the great process of picking and choosing which of their children were worthy of becoming gods began. For years they studied and watched each child to find their perfect creations and one by one they made them gods. The first one chosen was Eliathandriel and elf as beauitful as any but as time when by this decision ended up being the worst mistake the god would ever make. At the time she was the most wondrous and beautiful of the elves, with golden hair and a smile that charm anyone. For all of her beauty and charm she was an easy pick, much easier then some of the rest. When this event of making Eliathandriel a god happened, the other children all called this day “The Choosing” and from then on that is what the event become known as. Thorax and Jusipher welcomed Eliathandriel with opened arms and explained to her what happened and why they needed her. Eliathandriel was privileged to be the first chosen and with her godhood she would bring great beauity and mastery to the race of elves.

The second one chosen would be Barid a massive human with the strongest physic and an even strong mind. He was a natural leader and other looked up to him for guidance and support. Taller then most other humans and twice as wide, Thorax knew he could support his race upon those great shoulders and would bear this burden without question. One by one Thorax and Jusipher made them into gods just like themselves, granting them great power and giving them the mastery over time so none of them would die unlike the children left on Naramos.

And this is the way it stood for many years, Thorax and Jusipher having a family to love besides one another and through these years grew to love each and everyone of them. But they did not have enough love to spread to their other children on Naramos and left that love to be given by the other gods. It was to painful to watch their mortal sons and daughters die over and over again without being able to prevent it and so they abandoned them.

Each of the new gods would instead dedicated themselves into making their race better and stronger, granting their race special powers and abilities to help them live long happy lives on Naramos. Each one spending their love, effort, and time towards their race and making Naramos the perfect place to live, grow and die. Many would walk hand in hand with others of their race, sharing their wisdom and guiding them towards greatness. Each of them had been mortal at one time and only had dreamed about the power bestowed upon them, and with this new godly power they could alter and change everything they wanted for their race. With the flick of a hand they could move mountains, alter the flow of steams, or create a new forest out of the crushed seeds in their hands. Naramos became even a better and more beautiful place then before because unlike Thorax and Jusipher they knew first hand what was needed and how to best change it to suit their races needs. During this time of change by the gods it became known as “Altering of the Seasons” and it lasted for many, many years. The new gods would come back to Naramos to make changes and help or guide their race, working with mortals jus as they once were.

But Eliathandriel had a special place in Thorax heart, it was his frist child to become a god and through the years his love for her grew strong. Her beauty, charm and wit overcame Thorax and this love overflowed for her. He found himself wanting to become hers, but he resisted. For many years he fought this yearning until he could no longer sustain the restraint and in a moment of passion he succumbed to his longing desires. In a moment of extream passion Eliathandriel and Thorax make love, a love unlike any other.

As soon as this moment passed Thorax hoped that nothing would change, but it was too late as Eliathandriel had became pregnant with his child. Thorax knew that if Jusipher were to find out about this event she would destroy the child any probably destroy Eliathandriel as well. So a decision was make that once the child was born it would go to live on Naramos and be hided from her until his death. And with the birth of of the child Shadas the race of half-elves was born into existence. And with that he was quickly and quietly taken to Naramos to live and be raised by mortals and to die without knownig of his birth.

With the birth of Shadas, Thorax and Eliathandriel agreed to be with each other no more and to never speak of that moment. For many years this plan of deception worked. That was until Shadas had children, and those children had children, and soon there were many half-elves walking and living on Naramos. What Thorax and Eliathandriel did not understand was that Shadas was born from the gods and was not mortal like the others and through the years he created many children which were like him and had half-elven blood.

Part of Thorax’s plan of deception was that Jusipher would not look upon the world of Naramos again knowing it would be too painful for her to watch her children grow and then watch them die. She would concentrate on her new godly family without any cares for Naramos and as time would go by Shadas would die. And in the end Jusipher would be none the wiser of what happened and it would be forgotten about never to be repeated. But two things caused his plan to fail, the first being that his son was not mortal and would not die from time and the second being the Altering of Seasons where other gods were on Naramos watching their races and trying to making them stronger. As the other gods played and merried with their race they started to notice strange things happening. Some strange creatures walking about.

Taralar, was the first to notice these changes with the elven race and he noticed that some of them were not like the others. He talked to Illipon about this and together they tried to understand what was happening. After a few years the changes were showing up more and more and they became so concerned that they had to talk to someone about this. They debated about what to do for along time but they finally decided to bring their concerns of Naramos back to Jusipher, because she would know what to do. This would cause her great pain and suffering and they knew this but something had to be done because each of their races was changing.

Jusipher could see the concern in their eyes when Taralar and Illipon talked with her and so without hesitation she agreed to help them. She once again gazed upon Naramos for the first time in many years and what she saw startled her. The alterations that were happening from the Changing of the Seasons brought great joy to her and she realized how very much she missed looking upon this place. It was so unlike what she remembered and she could see that her children had grown and matured throught the world, and it was indeed a great place from a great love.

As Jusipher looked and watch she could see what Taralar and Illipon were talking about and realized what had happened. Somewhere through time the elves and humans mated and when she questioning both Taralar and Braid about this both swore an oath it was not them. Jusipher turned her questioning to the rest of the elven and human gods and when she questioned Eliathandriel Jusipher could see that it was her right away. Eliathandriel could not hide what she has done any longer and confessed. What Eliathandriel told Jusipher was exactly everything except whom the person was and since Jusipher did not ask this information the secrete went on again.

Try as he might Thorax could not persuade Jusipher from continuing her gazed upon Naramos. So long she had wanted to do just that and now that she had been forced to do it she refused to let go of all of the joy she could see. Even though the sight of death stilled caused her pain she received more from the living then outweighed that sorrow from the dead. So she continued to watch Naramos just like many years before, partly because of the quilt from abandoning them many years ago. Thorax would also gaze upon Naramos but he was more concerned about Shadas, his unknown son then for all of the others. Through the years he could see his half-blood spreading throughout the lands and he knew that Jusipher was now also watching.

Throax knew he could no longer contain what was started and sooner or later Jusipher would question it further or at least figure out what happened. And so he decided to tell Jusipher about his son and on the faithful day the races of men call “The creation of evil”, he did. When Thorax told Jusipher about the child and about his desire for Eliathandriel, she would not believe, could not believe that had happened. How could she of been so stupid as to not question who the father was to Eliathandriel? How could this of happened to her? Why? She had so many questions of Thorax but he would not answer them. He told her what happened but would not tell her anything further.

All of the feelings of love she had for Thorax suddenly turned to hatred and malice and when she wished him dead—evil was born into existence. Suddenly good had a hated enemy and instead of there only being one side there will always be another. When she had that one thought; hatred, corruption, malevolence, wickedness, iniquity was all born in the presence of evil. The mother of all life and everything in existence wanted her lover dead. The unthinkable had happened with a god wishing another god to become mortal and this caused such a change in everything that a great evil grew out of nothing and in that instant evil become one with the gods.

This evil overwhelmed Jusipher and took control over all of her actions and thoughts. She wanted revenge and so she shall have it. In the blink of an eye she was standing on Naramos next to Shadas who happened to be leading his half-elven people in songs of worship to the gods above. She looked at him and instantly could see the resemblance of Thorax and Eliathandriel in his eyes and in that moment of rage sent a lighting bolt through his body that killed him where he stood or at least she thought he had died. The witnesses to this event stood in shock as they saw a god strike down what they thought was a mortal who was worshipping them. Terror and fright killed some of the onlookers and thoese that witnesses this event saw evil come to the world of Naramos.

What Jusipher did not know was that Thorax called Shadas to his side the moment the lighting bold hit him saving his life and taking away Jusipher’s revenge. This fact was not known to her until after the “First Great War” had already ended. Thorax and Eliathandriel could now be together with their son and the other gods, but many choose not to come to Thorax side but instead would remain loyal to their mother.

Jusipher called out to them all, telling her godly children what had happened and wishing them to join her in seeking revenge against the betrayer- Thorax. Many of them did answered her call, eleven in total. Illipon was the first to come as he could not forgive Thorax for what he had done. That was followed by Damlos and a host of others that felt betrayed by Eliathandriel and Thorax. One by one the gods started to split, some taking the side of Jusipher and some taking the side of Thorax, the gods who were once whole were now divided into two different sides; good and evil.

By yet there was two more that stood before Jusipher wanting to become gods. Irrimin a female half-elf and Velimir a male half-elf both of them mortals and direct descendent of Shadas that would take up her cause of revenge if she allowed them. Jusipher’s first thought was to strike them down and be done with them but a voice in her head stopped her before she could do it. What better way to get revenge on Thorax then to take what was Shadas’s has made and make it hers, so Jusipher took Irrimin and Velimir and gave them the power of the gods as she had done so many years ago. From that point forward they would become forever known as “the 13 masters of evil” to the races of men, and so it has been written throughout time….

But this was not enough for Jusipher, this little bit of revenge wasn’t enough, not even close. She wanted more, she wanted something that would forever change the face of time. To put an exclamation mark that will forever been known as “The Changing”. She could not bear to look upon the children of Naramos for it only brought back the past which she wanted to forget. She hated their looks and vowed to change them.

So Jusipher had the other gods call out to their races asking them to join her so she could seek out her revenge. They made promises to those that would join them to make them better and stronger then before and give them the power they seek. Many did come and joined with the evil. Jusipher then used her great godly powers to alter the forms of the creatures before her. She took her time and created the perfect evil image of what was there before her.

First she took the gnomes and altered its form to be a short reptilian humanoid with red glowing eyes and a tail and she called it a kobold. Next she took the halflings and changed their skin color, made their faces flat with a broad nose, gave them pointy ears, and a wide mouth with sharp fangs and called them goblins. Next she took the dwarves and made them taller but with just as much hair, gave them feral eyes and a flat nose and chin and called them hobgoblins. Jusipher next look at the masses of humans that spread out before her and knew that she must change them to be like the dog that Thorax was. She made them look taller with grey skin and hairy bodies, their face were changed to look like a wild dog with the snout and fangs to match and she called them gnolls.

Next were the elves, the hated elves that betrayed her and so she changed them to have grey skin and coarse hair, low forehead with a piglike snout with protruding canine teeth and called them orcs. Lastly came the half-elves, the constant reminder of what had happened before and for this she created the most hideous creature she could think of he changed their skin to be jet black, like the hatred she felt within, and made their hair to be as white as snow and she called them drow, the great evil races of Naramos were born.

When Jusipher was done she gave the new races back to their proper gods so they could command and watch over them. Unndaras, Irrimin, Damlos and the rest of the gods watched over their races, watching them grow in power. They multiplied and spread throughout Naramos using their new powers and abilities to further enhance their races. Soon evil was everywhere on Naramos and the lands were tainted with it. The evil that Jusipher harnessed grew in her and through her, to the other evil gods.

When the time came when the evil races matched the strength for the forces of good the time for revenge had come. That time became known as the “First Great War” which would end up lasting over 400 years and almost destroyed Naramos for good.

God Legend

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