Kingdom of Ironfell

The kingdom of Ironfell lays in the top west portion of Naramos and is controlled mostly by the dwarves. This kingdom has the greatest body of water known to men; the Lake of Tears. Dwarves have lived their lives content within the mighty mountains of these lands and you can see the dwarven influence everywhere you travel around this kingdom. All of the might mountain peeks have been named after one of the dwarven rulers and it is rumored that these kings are burried inside the mountain for which they are named.

Throughout the kingdom great stone buildings and architecture abound everywhere with hundreds of stone structures littering the landscape. Each of these with its own dwarven timeless attention to detail and infinite purpose. The greatness of these lands is only equaled by the towering mountains that are worshipped by all. The tallest and biggest mountains shine outwardly as bright as the treasures they hold deep within. Vast expanses of ore and coal form the backbone of the dwarven society and for centuries they have thrived because of this. Great mastery has been learned in the art of weapon making and armorsmithing and it has been said that which ever army holds the most dwarven made items will surly see victory. But because of its great expanse and foreboding climate not all of its treasures have yet been found.

Of all of the places in the Kingdom of Ironfell, one place is held the dearest -Solinard. The capital city and the biggest of all dwarven cities is located in the northwest foothills surrounded by the great mountain of Ironfell.

Dradlewood is the second biggest dwarven city and although not as important in scope as Solinard, Dradlewood is the heartbeat and lifeboold of the dwarven kingdom.

Another great dwarven city is Bu Dolit, loacted by the Silveredge Mountains and fronted by the snake river as it winds itself to the Lake of Tears.

Trialiap, Greysky and Bolivard are the only dwarven city located on the Lake of Tears, Trialip is on the most northern shore, Greysky on the east coast and Bolivard located on the south coast. While each of these cities are ruled by the dwarven kingdon each has many different races within its walls.

Kingdom of Ironfell

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