Lady Arerein

Lady Arerein Swornkeeper hired the party in Duntroon as an escort for her journey to Yellowtail. Teleria recognized her as a minor noble from the Elven kingdom She told them that she had received grave news from a friend there. She had to arrive quickly, even though the attack on Gatequest 4 days before has scared most people off the roads.

During a kobold attack while journeying to Yellowtail, she showed that she had some sort of magical powers. She used some sort of fire spell to attack the kobolds.

Once in Yellowtail, she hired the party to investigate the matter that her friend had written to her about. Her friend, Jelissa, lived in Yellowtail with her husband Lorleek. Lorleek and 6 other villagers had been hired a month and a half prior by a group of humans. Their job was to help with digging up some objects from an archeology site in the nearby forest. However, the 7 villagers, including Lorleek, had not been seen since.

The party eventually located the remains of Lorleek and the other villagers buried in the center of the archeology site, where some ancient evil had been dug up. They re-sanctified the remains and reburied them in undesecrated ground. Further events would prove that the item the villagers had been hired to dig up was the entombed, still-living heart of the demon Viell, which was used to resurrect the demon by the Dark Son cult.

Lady Arerein later had her servants seek out the party again in Yellowtail. The servants left a note from lady Arerein and a necklace with a ruby gem for the group. After putting the necklace on, Quellan was transported into Lady Arerein’s dreams, and she requested that the whole party meet with her the next night.

The party all dreamed together, and joined lady Arerein in a dream-scape. There, they learned that she was being hunted in her dreams by nightmare creatures. They helped her in fighting off some of the creatures. She said she had found some measure of peace by staying on the moved, and said she would contact them again if she needed further assistance in fighting the nightmare creatures.

Lady Arerein

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