Naramos is centuries old, yet still new in form, she has many stories to be told and many mysteries yet to be found. Her beauty still shines but not as brightly as it had in the past when she was first formed. Years of war has caused a great scaring and years of peace have not yet healed those wounds.

To understand the world of Naramos you have to understand it boundaries and its history. Naramos is cut up into 4 distinctive parts that makes up its whole. In the North-West is the Kingdom of Ironfell, home of the Dwarves and of the great mountains of Naramos. In the South-West is the Kingdom of Highmoon, home of the Elves and of the great forests of Naramos. In the North-East is the Kingdom of Silvermist, home of the Gnomes and Halflings and of the rolling meadows and shallow hills of Naramos. Lastly in the South-East the Rift of evil, where death and destruction is at home and where the great evil has a home.

When there is no claims to the lands the humans had build their great cities and formed the Alliance of Hope. The 10 major cities that comprises this alliance are; Seaport, Silverstar, Everdusk, Morningstar, Northpoint, Testgate, Brokenhill, Stromstill, Dradlewood and Duntroon and these cities make up the alliance and form a circular bond that ties the race of men together. When Naramos was still young and the First Great War was upon her the races of men decided to claim the lands for themselves. Each race going there own way and splitting the alliance of men. Humans build these great cities in hopes of having the other races once again form a bond with them and many years later it has done that. Although the years have passed and the races of men are now living and sharing in each others lands the old kingdoms and boundaries still rule as well. The uncertainty of their future keeps all rulers at bay.

But Naramos does not look now like she did many years ago, years of warring and strife have started to take its toll upon her and what was once beauty is now scared deep into its core with revenge and anger. The once mighty and proud world has been marked permanently by the Rift of evil and forming inside this evil place is the Falmoun Desert. This place is where Evil first came into being and grew on Naramos. Once it was powerful enough it then launched there destruction upon the world many years ago and every year since the evil has grown stronger still.

While worshipping evil gods the creatures of darkness flourish, spreading and invading across the land wherever they could. All the while the races of men fight amongst themselves over things of no importance and ignored the scaring taking place on Naramos. More and more land is being consumed by the evil and yet this cause had gone unchallenged by the races of men. Their leaders focused on conquest of land and how to fill their own coffers instead of the impending doom.

The races of men were once a strong unified people those many years ago when they needed one other, but after The 13 Masters of Evil were defeated during the First Great War the races of men started to separate and think only about themselves. The war was over and should have been learned from, a rebirth should have taken place but as men have a way of doing they started to bring about their own destruction.

The race of elves no longer wanted any part of the alliance of men and left, declared the area south-west on Naramos as there own. This place became known as Highmoon and it is the home for the elves. They wanted peace and harmony and found it within the forest there. They started to learn the ways of nature and became as one with it. Great Elven cites were created and soon it became home to all that loved nature. Once the alliance was broken by the elves the other races of men saw no hope and started claiming lands so that they could ensure their own survival. The dwarfs headed north-west to the lands of mountains where they could learn the skills of building and creating. The land they would call The Kingdom of Ironfell. The halflings and gnomes headed to the north-east hoping to avoid further wars and settled in the lands of Silvermist where the hills and grasslands made a perfect home. Great forests abound and the hills and mountains make perfect hideouts. The other races left the alliance as well, goliaths went deep into the mountains, drow took refuge underground, one by one each of the races of men found their own mark on the world of Naramos and there they would stay.

The Humans which dominated the races still wanted the Alliance of Hope but without any allies they looked to themselves for survival. Many leaders tried to come forth but none were chosen as king, each clan and village trying to have their own representative the one to be called to lead. After many tries and more infighting between the major cities it was determined to have a leader of many. A council was formed from the 10 major cities of men each to have a fair say in the rulings over all. This council is called The Procurers and this is what governs and rules over each human town and it rules. The Procurers each secure their own towns and lands but in times of strife they align with each other for the protection of all.


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