Races of Men

The races of men is a term used to describe the good races on Naramos. Being mostly good these races are aligned with the power of good to defeat all of the evil races that infests Naramos. The good races that dominate the world of Naramos are called the core races and they include:

Location: Found throughout Naramos in different locations. They do not have a kingdom and they do not populate any one area (see below).

Relations: Some people look at the Dragonborn race as someone to look down upon because of their past history of being slaves, some feel they should still be slaves and treat them as such. Many outlining areas in Naramos have Dragonborn as slaves or use them as gladiators. Still others view the Dragonborn as somewhat of an evil race because they created the lifeblood locations found throughout Naramos. Dragonborn and the Dwarves have mostly a very friendly relationship and a lot of Dragonborn live, work, and protect the lands of the dwarves because of this relationship. The friendship with the Dwarves started when the Kingdom of Ironfell forbid the use of slaves and this kingdom is the only one to do such an event, even to this day. This event called The Act of Calm Serenity stated that no such person, whether man or women, shall be called slave. Those that are such will walk free inside our border without fear and will be protected as free persons.

Location: Found throughout the western half of Naramos and are abundant in their home kingdom of Ironfell, which is in the northwestern part of Naramos.

Relations: Most other races are friendly with the Dwarves, especially the Dragonborn race, because the dwarves don’t allow slavery in their kingdom. There are some border disputes between the dwarves and the elven kingdom on occasion but these never develop into much of anything. Although most dwarves still take exception to the elves for breaking the alliance of men many years ago, and depending on which dwarven king is in power this hatred can be revealed or dissipated.

Location: All Eladrin are either visiting from the Feywild or are from the Island of Lovon, which is located north of the Kingdom of Silvermist in the Sea of Whitecrest.

Relations: Eladrin have no real relations to any of the other races on Naramos, they don’t see this as their world and therefore don’t see themselves as having any part of it. Most other races accept the Eladrin and respect their beauty and elegance in what they build and create. Of all of the races the Elves get along best with the Eladrin as they see each other as a mirror of one another.

Location: The elven people are found throughout Naramos and rule over the Kingdom of Highmoon in the southwestern part of the world.

Relations:Of all of the core races on Naramos the elven people are the most hated, some even go so far as to call them an evil race because of Eliathandriel’s betrayal of the people of Naramos. If not for her selfishness the gods might not have split and the evil races would not have been created. Those on Naramos that look past the god legend, or don’t understand it, might still have a hatred for the elven people because they broke the alliance of men many years ago. Many see the elven race as self-centered and selfish; a race that only cares about themselves. Because of this constant hatred the elven people have closed farther and farther into itself, which in turn, causes more and more people to believe in their selfish nature. Many elves spend their lives trying to remove this stigma only to meet an ungrateful end.

Location: Half-Elves are found just about everywhere but they do not have a home or kingdom of their own.

Relations: The second most hated races on Naramos is the half-elves. They are a constant reminder of the schism of the Gods and everything that has happened since, and because of this they will never have a home of their own. They aren’t human so they don’t get the blessings of that race, and they aren’t elves so they don’t get the power of that kingdom. They are a lost people in a place that would rather not have them at all.

Location: Halflings are found throughout Naramos and have their own kingdom, which they share with the gnomes, called Silvermoon, in the northeastern part of Naramos.

Relations:Halflings are one of the few races that haven’t done anything to any other race, and therefore, are one of the most loved race. The fact that they look like small humans only helps their cause and makes them more powerful then they really should be. Through luck, strange situations, and extreme fortune this race has become a centerpiece and beloved race of people, even though they have done nothing that should give them this reputation.

Location:Humans dominate every corner of the lands and there are 3 humans for every other man, women, or child of a different race on Naramos. They have the largest and most powerful kingdom on Naramos, and because of its size it’s just called “The Kingdom”. There are ten main cities that make up The Kingdom that are spread throughout the world.

Relations:Because of their size, power, and supremacy, the race of human is dominate over all other races. Therefore what other races think of them means little, as the humans could crush that race off the face of the world without blinking an eye. They make the rules and laws, and they decide the fate of all races. Only the dwarven kingdom and the elven kingdom have areas that the humans can’t influence. Luckily for the other races, Humans play the role of peacekeeper and support the other races as best they can. In fact, they are the glue that binds the races of men together and keeps the unified pact together.

Location: Along with the Halflings, gnomes rule over the Kingdom of Silvermist in the northeastern portion of Naramos. Gnomes can be found just about anywhere in the world but prefer to stay mostly towards the central and eastern portions.

Relations:Of all of the races of men, gnomes have the trickiest relations to other races. Some see them as little more then a race that should be ruled over, while others see gnomes as nothing more then free loaders living off of the prestige of the Halfling race. Most see them as troublemakers who brought the demons here because they could follow the simple rules of men, whatever the case may be, wherever you go on Naramos gnomes are seen from very different eyes.

Location: Goliath’s are found throughout Naramos in different regions that have mountains ranges, but do not have a home or a kingdom. They have requested through the council that a place be given to them, although none as of yet has been granted.

Relations:In recent years Goliaths have turned from their warlike ways and started to become a civilized culture, in the hope of securing a kingdom of their own. This has strained the goliaths’ relationship with the dwarves, because they fear that if the goliaths request is granted part of the dwarven kingdom will be lost to them. Although both cultures are very similar, they see two different things on the horizon and this causes great tension between the two races. Most other races see goliaths as a success story of sorts, with the turning of a uncivilized band of barbarians into a organized race of protectors. While this success is beneficial for the races of men as a whole the other races still keep a close eye to make sure they don’t return to their barbarous roots.

Although the core races dominate Naramos there are some strange and rarer races which also align with the power of good, and see their people follow good causes. While not as abundant as the core races these races still have a powerful following. These races are called the minor races and they include:


Races of Men

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