Red Onyx

The Red Onyx – resides on top of a mountain on the southern end of the Golden Mountains. It is home to the Red Onyx monastery and the Red Onyx monks. These monks are in charge of watching the surrounding area in the mountains for Darkones and dealing with any intrusions by them.

The monastery is high atop one of the mountain peeks that overlooks the Yellowtail River. There are 4 large buildings in all, which are built right into the rock face of the mountain. Some of the natural caverns in the mountain have been connected to these buildings to expand the monks range.

The Red Onyx is known for having several large eagles that they use as pets which they use to fly around the area while keeping watch over the evil hordes. They even have a friendly Ogre named Horgag, which helps with daily chores and gathering water at the river for the monks.

The leader of The Red Onyx is a male goliath named Redstar, who has a reddish tint to his skin and is the founder of this place many years ago. He has three other masters; Solt, a female Gnome, Zuto, a male shifter, and Tallatar, a male half-orc. The other monks were a brown sash with a red scarf on their right shoulder. On the scarf is from 1 to 5 claw marks showing the students rank, with five claws being a master.

There are about 50-80 monks in the monastery at a time depending on how many monks are out doing different tasks and how many have left the ranks in the past months. Occasionally the Red Onyx will go to some of the larger cities in the area, such as Duntroon, Broken Hill, Ratiel, and Greysky to recruit new members but only if their ranks are way below average. Most of the time students will come seeking them out far before that is needed.

Red Onyx

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