Sacred Gods

Thorax (human,male) – The Father, The Creator, The One, The Betrayer (called by his enemies)

Domain – Life, Earth, Light, Power

Following – Thorax is followed by all races, all classes, and is found in all regions on Naramos. He has the most worshipers and is the most well known god of all. His influence is found everyone on Naramos.

Symbol – An open hand with curved fingers, almost like they are holding a ball. Believers think the object Thorax is actually holding is the world of Naramos.

Overview – Thorax is the original male god and along with Jusipher made up the beings that produced all of creation. The world of Naramos was created by them so they would have something to show for their love. Thorax is also called “The Betrayer” by his enemies for his betrayal to Jusipher and his love affair with Eliathandriel. Although most worshippers of Thorax believe that the forces of evil planted this made-up story many years ago hoping to gather favor for the evil god, Jusipher.

Worshipers – Thorax’s worshippers use a special weapon which is a two-handed mace with a ball on the tip which matches Thorax’s holy symbol. Thoxax seaks to protect Eliathandriel above all else and his worshipers are taught that from the beginning. To forfeit one’s life to save one of Eliathandriel’s servents would be the greatest gife a worshiper of Thorax could give.

Barid (human,male) – The Massive, The Original

Domain – War, Battle, Weapons

Following – Barid is followed by almost anyone and from any region, but has a strong following with humans, fighters, and anyone that deals with battles.

Symbol – His holy symbol is a set of gauntlets facing each other at a slight angle.

Overview – Behind Thorax, Barid is the most commonly followed god on Naramos and his power can be felt into the far reaches.

Worshipers – Barid teaches that the human race must be protected and its kingdoms must be preserved. To honor and serve ones lord is commandment number one and to sacrifice all else to protect those that rule over the kingdom of men. To become one of the honored banguard protectors is what each of Barid’s worshipers wish to become.

Eliathandriel (female,elf) – The Silver Lady, The Princess, Sacred’s Heart,

Domain – Love, Affection, Worship, Heart

Following – Eliathandriel is worshiped mostly by elves, half-elves, women, and anyone looking for a loving and tender godess.

Symbol – Eliathandriel’s holy symbol is that of a broken arrow lying upon a heart.

Overview – Eliathandriel together with Thorax made the half-elven race when they had their love affair.

Worshipers – Eliathandriel’s worshipers tend to be quiet, reserved, and mostly want to be out of the spotlight. There is still many on the world that see Eliathandriel as the original sinner and therefore should be an evil god and not a god to be worshiped.

Shadas (male,half-elf) – The Son, The Changing One

Domain – Changing of the Seasons, Changing of the Weather, Anything that changes or alters its form

Following – Shadas is followed mostly by half-elves and elves but has a slight following in other races that honor the changing of the seasons of those that follow the changing of the weather.

Symbol – Shadas’s holy symbol is that of a wave coming from the left and a wave coming from the right, crashing in the middle.

Overview – Shadas is the son of Eliathandriel and Thorax and the original half-elf. When he was born he was sent to Naramos hoping to be hidden away from Jusipher and he is the reason that caused evil to come into existence and the gods to split. Of all of the gods, Shadas would be the one Jusipher would most like to kill.

Worshipers – They tend to be very loyal and loving. They have a very strong spirit and would do anything to cure Shadas’s name. They also tend to be ever watchful because they know they are a hated enemy from the forces of evil and sometimes even a hated enemy by the races of men. Shadas’s worshipers seak to spead the race of half-elves and to hopefully make peace with the other races of men.

Drawgar (male,dwarf) – Iron King, Mountain Lord, Braidedbeard

Domain – Ground, Earth, Stone, Mountains

Following – Drawgar is worshiped by dwarves, minors, mountain races, and those that make their living inside the ground or inside a mountain.

Symbol – Dravgar’s holy symbol is that of a weapon with both ends having the head of a hammer.

Overview – Drawgar is the father of Geeruss who was killed by the evil god Damlos during the first great war.

Worshipers – Although Drawgar has an extreme hatred of Geeruss he teaches his followers that all evil that is kept uncheck should be vanquished. He learned the hard way that evil that is unwatched is evil that will stike when you least expect.

Lysistern (female,elf) – Moonglow, Mother Lysis

Domain – The Moon, The Heavens, The Planes

Following – Elves, Shifters, those that worship Lysis (the moon)

Symbol – A heart in the center of a circle.

Overview – Lysistern created the moon so she would have a place to put her unborn sons soul until such time as he is born and sent to Naramos.

Worshipers – Usually believers follow the cycle of the moon devotedly. They even worship Lysis as though it was the goddess herself. Her worshipers seak to find a cure for the bloodmoon as they see that day as a unholy day that causes much pain and suffering to their god.

*The next three gods are known collectively as “The Siblings”.

Tarasha (female,eladrin) – Storm Mother, The Bolt

Domain – Storms, Lightning, Wind, Rain

Following – She is worshiped by Eladrin, those that love storms, and a small following with those that are in need of rain.

Symbol – Tarasha’s holy symbol is that of a lighting bolt passing through a mountain.

Overview – Tarasha along with Taralar and Tabanar were once all siblings, until Tabanar was killed by Unndaras during the first great war. Tarasha and Taralar still plan their revenge against that evil god for what he had done to their sibling.

Worshipers – Tarasha’s worshipers are tought one thing about all else; hunt out and kill anything that has to do with Unndaras. There is a constant holy war between the worshipers of “The Siblings” and Unndaras that rages at all times on Naramos. There is also some hatred between Tarasha’s followers and the elven people because it was an elven lord named Quipthick that lead to Tabanars death.

Taralar (male,eladrin) – Forestkin, Natural Lord, Barkborn

Domin- The forest, nature, woodlands, trees, flowers, plants

Following – Eladrin, races that live within the forest, those that make a living from hunting or gathering.

Symbol – Taralar’s holy symbol is that of a longbow with two arrows notched ready to be shot forth.

Overview – Along with his sister Tarasha, they seek revenge against Unndaras for the killing of their brother Tabanar during the first great war.

Worshipers – They are trained in the art of hunting and gathering so that they may sustain themselves in the forest for long periods of time. This is done so that his worshipers can hunt down the evil doing’s of Unndaras and anything that he touches.

Tabanar (male,eladrin) no known names…

Domain – none, his power in inert with his death

Following – only those that follow one of his siblings (Tarasha or Taralar)

Symbol – none known

Overview – Tabanar was a sibling of Taralar and Tarasha but was killed by Unndaras during the first great war when an elven lord named Quipthick was deceived by the evil god.

Worshipers – only those that follow one of his siblings (Tarasha or Taralar)

Singla (female,human) Sunshine, Lady Light, Goldeneye

Domain – The Sun, the morning, a new day, a new beginning Following – Humans, females, those that rely on the sun for their job or furture, those that hate the shadow or darkness.

Symbol – Singla’s holy symbol is a breatplate with a shinning sun upon it, sometimes this sun is coming up over the horizon to form a new day.

Overview – Singla is a very beautiful goddess and is worshiped sometimes just because of her beauty. Of all of the gods she was the one that has the most contact with mortals and is known to have come to Naramos on several occasions.

Worshipers – It is said that during the day of the shadow that Singla has no power on Naramos because the sun is blocked by Somaran although her worshipers know this to be untrue.

Vistolic (many different forms) – Keeper of the Dead, Soulkeeper, Deathwarden

Domain – Death, souls, spirits Following – Clerics, paladins, priests, clergy, witchdoctors, and all forms of those that deal with the dead body or spirits.

Symbol – Vistolic’s holy symbol is a death shroud covering a face or having the outline of a face within it.

Overview – Vistolic and Velamir are in a constant battle as they seek out the souls of the departed throughout the planes. That god which finds the soul first can dictate what happens to it.

Worshipers – Many people on Naramos see the worshipers of Vistolic as evil doers or someone that delves into evil arts. Although that is very much from the truth some of what they do might seam that way to outsiders but without them the souls of many would be lost to the forces of evil.

Bicava (male,deva) – Revornetnavator

Domain – The Planes, Knowledge, Language

Following – Deva’s, and a small following in primitive races found in uncivilized lands.

Symbol – Bicava’s holy symbol is that of three wavy lines traveling from the left and merging to the right.

Overview – Bicava was originally called Revornetnavator but when he was killed by Coskalam many years ago his soul didn’t depart the mortal realm and instead transferred into a commoner known as Bicava. The souls of the two intertwined and forever more became as one and the race of deva’s was created.

Worshipers – Most of Bicava’s worshipers seek knowledge above all else, they want to meld into the past and find out what happened to the gods. They seek to change what has happened in the past for a better furture.

Xonic (male,gnome) The Flamekeeper,

Domain – Fire, Flames, Burning

Following – Gnomes, wizards, fire worshipers, those seeking power.

Symbol – Xonic’s holy symbol is a single flame circling around upon itself.

Overview – As the story goes, Xonic stold the power of flames from the deapths of hell as it was left unguarded by the sleeping balor demons. When they awoken they found their secretes missing and a note saying “those that sleep in the deapths of hell, have no secrets they can tell”. Many people blame the gnome race for causing demons to come to Naramos. Many think that the reason they came is to get back the secretes of fire and if Xonic would have never stold it in the first place then the demons would have never come.

Worshipers – The worshipers of Xonic are some of the most powerful in all of Naramos, they control fire and are trained in how to use it against the demons that once weilded it.

Kalit (male,dragonborn) Chainbreaker, Beastmaster,

Domain – Power, Strength, Beasts Following – Dragonborn, slaves, races that are bound to another race.

Symbol – Kalit’s holy symbol is that of an eight pointed start with clawmarks in the center of it.

Overview – Kalit was once a powerful dragon but became a slave to evil, in order to break free of his bondage he was transformed into a dragonborn and the new race of dragonborn was created. Duing his time of slavery, Kalit was repeatedly beaten and stuck down by Kalalik, the evil dragon god who tormented and begiled Kalit. Before he completed his excape Kalit bit part of Kalalik’s wing off and took it with him to Naramos when he ran away. Kalit then burned the dragon skin in a ritual of vengenace and spread its ashes throughout Naramos so his evil master could not retreive it. Unknown to Kalit this created the living lifeblood locations found spread throughout Naramos, as the essence of the dragon’s magic is obsorbed by Naramos’s natural essence.

Worshipers – Kalit’s worshipers spend time trying to help those in bondage, to help free those that can not do it themselves. They also seek out the lifeblood locations and try to destroy them if possible. These worshipers know they are evil by their creation and therefore evil for those that use them, someday the other races of men will pay for their useage of these special places.

Artyas (male,halfling) – Trickster, Puzzlemaster,

Domain – Puzzles, Traps, Tricks, Illusions

Following – Wizards, Rogues, Halflings

Symbol – Several letters directly on top of one another but rotated at different axises so that you must figure out what letters are actually there.

Overview –

Worshipers -

Flomalong (female,goliath) Stonemaiden, Rockbed, The Unfearing

Domain – Stone, Rocks, earth, ground,

Following – Goliath, and creatures that make or use stone.

Symbol – Flomalong’s holy symbol is that of large sword inside of a circle and the circle resides inside of a triangle.

Overview -

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