Sarvo Calthen

An eladrin cleric, or possibly paladin, of Tarasha. The party encountered him within Farstone, where he prevented the party from being kicked out by the miners.

Sarvo was called by Tarasha to watch over the miners of Farstone. While traveling to Farstone he crossed the Frost Giant kingdom. He encountered a wounded Frost Giant and healed him, which brought Sarvo to the attention of the King of the Frost Giants, Greywind. Greywind greeted him as a friend of the Frost Giants, and had Sarvo shown a secret pass into the kingdom.

When members of the Dark Son cult passed through Farstone, they tortured one of the miners to get information about the Frost Giants, and Sarvo was forced to tel them how to get to their kingdom, though he did not reveal to them the secret passage. When the party made clear to him that their goal was to stop and possibly kill the Dark Son cultists, he volunteered to guide them most of the way through the secret pass, in the hope of arriving at the Frost Giant kingdom first.

Sarvo also has attempted to convert Napenthe to the worship of Tarasha.

Sarvo Calthen

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