Tempist Mi

Tempist Mi and the surrounding area is where the players will be starting the “There and Back Again” campaign and all players will be located in the Threefire Keep village. This does not mean that players are from this area but just that for one reason or another they are currently in this area. Players can decide that when they make their characters.

This area is located far to the north on Naramos, north of the Kingdom of Ironfell in a very untouched, unsettled area. If the land mass of Naramos was a clock, Tempist Mi would be located at the 11 o’clock postion. You can see this area by going to the maps section and looking at the map. This is a zoomed in view with many of the areas named and highlighted.

This area is dominated by large mountains and vast forests although there are some open areas and water bodies located nearby. There is a hill range located to the south called the Hills of Farland and an ice lake to the north surrounded by The Frosthall.

This area is also dominated by cold, being so far north has its advantages but weather is not one of them. During the winter months traveling outside is harrowing at best and if you enter the mountains at that time the most likely outcome will be that you freeze to death. Spring and fall months are hardly much better but they become more barable the closer to summer you get.

This area has only two main vilages, Tempist Mi and Threefire Keep. These villages are average in size about 750 to 1500 people, but poor compared to others around Naramos. Only six to eight months a year can trade or commerce be of any use to those that live in this area. Most of the trade comes from the sea which is located just north of Tempist Mi. Land travel is hard and long, it takes weeks during the best of times to reach the nearest city of Dradlewood, located at the northern end of the Kingdom of Ironfell. Sea travel is only advisable during the summer months and not possible during the winter months as ice landlocks everything.

If not for the diamonds found in the mountains and hills of this area it would certainly be empty. Diamonds bring those seeking fame and fortune into this area but it also brings those that would steal fame and fortune as well. While not without laws and those that can keep the peace these villages harbor thieves, cheats, and liars. Everyone got a price, and everything has a price. If your lucky to gain some wealth your even luckier if you can keep it.

The area around Tempist Mi is called “Farnorth” by the locals. It has two main villages; Tempist Mi and Threefire Keep and most if not all men stay within their walls espically during the snow months. There are four huge forest expanses in this area, The Icerim Forest to the north, Black Witch Forest to the west, the Sunlit Forest to the south and the Forest of Stillness which is centraly located within the two villages. There are 3 main water sources located in this area and depending on the time of year these can be water or frozen over with ice. Pristine Lake is the closest water source for the village of Threefire Keep, located north of that is the Devil’s Eye, and lastly the Lake of no Memory is located to the southwest.

Located to the north past everything civilized is The Frosthall, a great expanse of the frozen wilderness and doubly treasrous to those foolish enough to enter it. Just to the north and west of this area is an old dwarven tower called Farstone which was build before the start of the First Great War. The large mountainous area between the two villiages is called The Reach and is only passable when the weather coorporiates.

Tempist Mi

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