The Six

The Six – a group of six human females that are trained in working with spirits to answer questions that have profound importance in the world. Ra is the leader of the group and speaks for the rest of them, a lot of people think of them as nothing more than a sideshow or caravel act but those that believe in the Six honor what they say even to their own death….

Lady Arabella is the elven queen and has been for many, many years. She resides deep inside the elven kingdom and isn’t seen by outsiders. The elven kings (which there are 7 of) do her bidding for her and for this, they have been rewarded with immortality.

“I can sense that you have seen many things in the recent past that haunts your minds, it divides your souls, and it all leaves answers within your hearts. I can sense that your on the right path but your journey will not be an easy one. You come here seeking answers, but know that the answers you seek will only lead to more questions.

The man from your past and the one causing so many questions was once called Priest Holick and was part of the order of Eliathandriel, a wise and honorable man. He found knowledge that wasn’t meant for mortals and this drove him to the point where you now know him. He changed many things about himself including his name when he was ex-communicated from the church and kicked out of Gatequest for being a traitor to the races of men. His wife, his two sons would not even know him anymore from the man he would become.

He left Gatequest and went to seek guidance at the temple of the gods but his heart was unfilled so he left and traveled many days to the lands of spitfire where he found his answers and completed his transformation. He then left and completed his journey at the temple of Seven Storms. But to become the man he is today could not be done with the help of allies and for this he has gathered many. His power has grown farther than even we can determine outside of the world. For this he has given something to those who help him, something of great importance.

The things that have been set in motion are not done by accident and the man from your past will also be the man in your future, but know that he comes not alone.

Your journey will take you to the hills that are broken where you will find an old friend as well as an old enemy. You must go there because this is where you will find your path to travel. Once you follow your path know that the poison that breeds is also the poison that can take away. Your choice is always your choice, but know that the enemy will find you no matter where you go because the gods are watching you and while some try to protect you others will try to defeat you. You are important even more then you know because someday within your group one of you will possess the power to stop the next invasion from happening and defeat the evil that shall rule over the lands. While the rest of you will sacrifice yourselves to allow this to happen and in the end shall fail in your quest.

Soon your dreams will become a nightmare all too real.

War will be coming again after many years of peace, but as of yet the combatants are still to be determined.”

The Six

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