The Very Beginning

A campaign on Naramos will be like nothing you have ever experienced, it is filled with mystery, disseat, intrigue, and a variety of twists and turns that will keep players involved in the story from the first moments.

While evil has resurged in the years leading up to present times the races of men have kept a blind eye, their only concern is how best fill their coffers. Without something to balance against it the evil has once again awakened and are posed to strike. The world of Naramos finds itself once again at the brink of war, but this time only a handful of heroes can save it.

This is going to be the 5th campaign on the world of Naramos, with each one having its own events and quests that focuses the campaign. While each was different and had their own twists and turns what really captivated the players was in finding the answers.

1) The Sacrifice. In this campaign the heroes were charged with gathering of new allies for the fight against evil. These heroes were from the Dark Swoop Clan and before they were sent on this journey they were given the great clan holy relics to help them. They were sent out from there village through a long lost underground passage to help find new allies in the fight against the evil. After days of traveling they emerged to find a small village many leagues from where they started but awaiting them was a letter from the leader of their village. In this letter they were informed by their leader that the journey was just a ruse. The leader had found out that the village was going to be attacked and probably destroyed and that the party was sent out in a hidden passageway with the holy relics so that they could be protected against the hoard of evil that was to come. The village sacrificed themselves and tricked the players into playing their part of the hoax. From there the heroes had to protect the holy relics while also trying to find the cause of the clans destruction.

2) Wanted – Dead or Alive. This campaign saw a hunt for a great gnoll leader that was trying to get a powerful shadow weapon back into demons hands. The players left for this hunt and through the course of this campaign became the hunted instead of the hunter. Many great accomplishments were achieved but ultimately the party was trapped inside of a stone tower to make a last stand against the hoard of evil. In the end the heroes had to make the ultimate sacrifice and the day was lost. I have had more then one request to replay this final battle and to this day players still talk about the horrible dice rolling that spelled their doom.

3) A Changing in the Wind. What started out as a simple journey turned into a horrific battle to find out the cause of the blistering cold that suddenly swept over Naramos. This cold was causing the collapse of kingdoms as trade and commerce were stopped in their tracks. Just traveling from place to place was tremendously dangerous not only from the weather elements but from the creatures that suddenly appearing altered. Ice gnolls, and Blizzard Orcs could move and mound attacks without challenge. The world was on the brink of certain disaster unless a cure for the cold was found. The heroes uncovered a dark cult of druids known as the Ice Wardens which were lead by an Ice Demon. Finding them and stopping them proved to be two totally different things as one by one the heroes fell into a frozen sleep never to awaken again.

4) The Betrayer. The most recent campaign, players were charged with preventing Darkones from reforming Hasfala the Grey Spear of Storms. The heroes were paid well from coffers from the city magistrate but again this story was but a ruse. While the heroes were out tracking down and confronting the evil source they found out that they were just a pawn in a bigger plan. Gatequest the city in question was to be attacked and destroyed by this evil so that they could gather a second piece of Hasfala. The heroes were needed to protect the city but instead they would be out on a wild goose chase thanks to an elaborate plan of deception. Upon their return the information the heroes found out was confirmed, the city was destroyed and the betrayer long gone and with him any evidence of his betrayal. Although fortune would smile upon these adventurers as with good fortune and some interesting developments they were able to gain the piece of Hasfala that was stolen thereby disrupting evils great plan. They then became evils most hated enemy and every place the heroes went they put in danger from onslaught of evil that was hunting them. Needing supplies, needing allies but unable to gather either while the weight of this burden haunted them. All alone in a world that seamed against them, trying to save humanity without them even knowing their names, the weight of this became to much and they finally gave in.

5) A New Beginning For The End, the newest campaign in the world of Naramos. Clink the link to find out more information.

The Very Beginning

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