Yellowtail is barely a spot on a map and hidden from civilization within the Darkcloud Forest south of the Kingdom of Ironfell. It is many days journey from any other city and gets few visitors although an occasional merchant will make the journey to buy the villagers wares.

This village houses about 800 people and holds only the most important buildings within the wooden walls, with the farmer’s lands surrounding most of the village. Visitors are greeted by dirt roads that barely hold there own during the rainy seasons. Most of the citizens are common workers that make their own lives and trade and sell what litte they have with each other.

Located in a dense forest and just south of the mountains provides most of the natural resources this village needs to produce its wares. But its saving grace is the flowing river just outside of town that allows travel to the Lake of Tears and civilization.

Most of the citizens are commoners without many skills or talents outside of making mundane items that they sell to earn a living. A few miners have found some gems that bring some wealth within the village but most have little to show for their lives.

One of the few things of importance within the walls is the Temple of Thorax, that is run by Bortoron, a priest with some divine gifts that he uses to help those in need. An occasional visitor is healed or cure of sickness which helps provide the temple with the means to help the village endure hard times.


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