Leader of the Dark Son cult.

Formerly a priest in Gatequest. He found some sort of information which he attempted to bring to the attention of the other priests, but he was ignored. This seems to have inspired him to turn against the Sacred Gods and join with Jusipher.

He spent some time in the Spitfire lands, and gained power there. He also set up a giant, mobile undead fortress in the Spitefire lands. This fortress was sent to invade the Kingdom of Highmoon, but the adventuring party destroyed it.

The party first encountered Dungerer in the Ruins of Cilox, where they attempted to stop him from resurrecting the demon Viel, but failed. At that time, Dungerer escaped with Vial through a dark portal.

A letter found in the Spitfire fortress indicated that he may now be located in the Falmoun desert in the southeast.


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